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If you would like to have an item made from your choice of photograph:


Process your order through our website by ordering a custom night light


You will receive an email asking that you send us the photo of your choice


We will process your file and prepare the image to be 3D printed*.  This often involves custom editing and color correction to ensure the best possible result.


Your night light will be printed on one of our 3D printers, a process which takes 6-8 hours in order to achieve a high-quality piece.


We will pair your night light with a switchable plug-in base and a high-output, low power LED bulb.


The night light will ship to you within 5 business days of when your order was placed

If you would like to purchase one of our stock designs, these are available for shipment within 1-2 business days.  These are iconic photographs we have chosen that may appeal to many people and are a quickly available gift.

*A special thanks to the people at, who's software and website tools make these

3D Glow Lights possible

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